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Are you good at making decisions? Confident and quick or hesitant and unsure ?

Have you ever ordered food at a restaurant? The waiter or waitress walks up and politely asks “what would you bozos like to order and can you hurry I’ve got a lot of other tables?” They even try to make things easy by giving you a list to choose from called a menu. Yet, somehow, even with this finite menu of options, you still can’t figure things out and have to order another drink while pondering amongst the Sushi Burger, baked beans, the Fried Onion stack and 20 other healthy entrees.

Just imagine if “everything in the world” was on the menu. How long would it take you to order then?

That’s the challenge we face when trying to figure out what we want in life. Our menu has virtually everything on it, but there are so many choices, in fact, that we become overwhelmed and sit there staring with your mouth agape. Amazingly, after hours on end, absolutely nothing gets ordered. We finally resign to “I’ll just have what they’re having; that looks good.”

“Ok, 1 order of pigs feet coming up!”

Is it any wonder that so many folks end up disliking what they are doing for a living?
Of all the communication we participate in during the day, the most important person we talk with is ourselves. A big part of making solid, quick and positive decisions is based on depositing good thoughts and good questions into our minds.

I’m sure you’ve seen folks walking down the city streets, in the malls or outside sporting events, having entire conversations all by themselves; animated ones at that. These folks most likely are CEO’s , bank presidents, multi-millionaires etc.

You see they’ve mastered the vitally important skill of self talk. What you think, say and ask yourself is far more important than what other folks say or think about you.
Tony Robbins likes to use the phrase: “If you want better answers, then ask better questions.”

I couldn’t agree more.

You can literally talk yourself into or out of success just by the positive encouraging or negative discouraging questions and statements that you hold in your own thoughts every day.

We are way better at the negative!

Mastering this skill is one of the Keys that determine whether you sit around eating potato chips flailing about in the abyss or begin your exhilarating journey climbing to the top of the Mountain of Success!

Here are a few examples of empowering and disempowering self talk to help you get you started. You’ll soon discover how a few small tweaks to the questions and phrases you regularly say to yourself can have a significant impact on the decisions you make and inevitably the way your life turns out.

Negative talk: “I’ll never amount to a hill of beans.”
Positive tweak: “If I eat my beans at every meal, I very well could amount to a hill of beans!”
Negative Question: “Why don’t I ever have any money?”
Positive Tweak: “Why don’t I look for a job today?”

You see how easy it is?

Just become aware of how you talk to yourself. It may be difficult at first to break your “woe is me” habit, but keep at it. You’ll begin to spot many opportunities to make these little adjustments. It’ll become a fun game for you. In no time, you’ll find these positive questions and phrases making a big impact in your attitude, enthusiasm and direction in life.  So remember, eat your beans at every meal!

For more examples of positive self talk phrases visit and check out the Gallery of Gernisms from the book Gern Flopkins Sales Superstar.

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