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Gern Flopkins Life and Sales success!

Do something with your gifts and talents that you love so much you lose track of time. Just remember to hose off regularly!*G

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22 Knock your socks off Chapters of wisdom from Gern Flopkins designed to put the fun back into your life and career as you open your mind and spirit for Success!! Get down and dirty as Gern helps you prepare the soil and plant the seeds of success for a lifetime of joy and abundance. Clear away the obstacles that have been holding you back.  You’ll never see prospecting and presentations the same way again. Clients and customers will flock to you as you put Gern’s ingenious ideas and techniques of life and career success to work in this ground breaking, semi-ridiculous and entertaining book.

Includes the Bonus:  Gallery of Gernisms to pick you up off the pavement after a grueling day in the trenches

Remember, Once you go Gern, you’ll never go back!



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