Gallery of Selected Gernisms *G


Wisdom forged from Gern’s trials of life and the many years of experience in sales containing golden nuggets of truth that if studied and absorbed, can bring you a lifetime of success and happiness you’ve only dreamed about.


*If you believe it’s too much like work, then don’t be surprised that your bank account is too much like zero
*I believe this is your moment to shine like Gern!
*Turn that cynicism into Successicism
*What’s with the hoe hum attitude? Yeah that’ll get you places!
*Don’t just Tiptoe through the window, break through it-Hey, if Tiny Tim can do it, I can do it!  Opportunity awaits!


*If you’d rather hit the snooze than wake up and get to work, it’s possible you may be in the wrong business
*Get excited about something or your life will stink


*Do something with your life and talents that you love so much that you lose track of time, but just remember to hose off regularly
*What kind of tree would you rather be a majestic Redwood or slimy driftwood?
*Don’t listen when they tell you that you’ll never amount to a hill of beans


*You’re not necessarily stupid, just different.
*Selling ain’t for Sissies
*Be honest with yourself; don’t ignore the fact that you’re miserable


*When things don’t go right, it’s your responsibility to find out who’s to blame and teach them a good lesson. Have a mirror handy.
*If it’s pouring down rain, there’s really not much you can do about it is there?


*If you sit by the phone long enough, you are bound to make money
*If they have nothing better to do, some folks might just talk to you; It’s a #’s game.
*Referrals? Let’s meet at the door.
*Audience of zero-woops


*Practice shutting up till it’s automatic
*The stories then the close. Don’t mix that one up
*Become who you’re not and they might like you better. Mirror and match.


*You take care of your clients and they will take care of you
*When things are going bad or things are going good; bring donuts.

So much wisdom, so little time…

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