Gern Flopkins Sales Superstar TOC


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Introducing Gern Flopkins
Introducing Gern Part Deux
Introducing Gern Part Twa
A few Secrets of Gern’s Sales and Life Success
How to get the most from this book

Synergism of Successicism System© Part I
Chapter I: You were Born to do Something
Chapter II: Don’t be afraid to get Dirty
Chapter III: Metaphor for Life
Chapter IV: Don’t just Dream it, Be it!
Chapter V: What’s holding you Back?
Chapter VI: Man on a Mission
Chapter VII: Shake it up, Baby!
Chapter VIII: Plan, What Plan?
Chapter IX: There is a Recipe for Everything

Synergism of Successicism System© Part II
Chapter X: Gern’s Gone Fishing
Chapter XI: Referrals Gold
Chapter XII: Gern’s Greatest Presentation Ideas
Chapter XIII: Bonus Presentation Ideas
Chapter XIV: Closing the Sale! Any Objections?
Chapter XV: The Mother of all Objections
Chapter XVI: You’re not in Kansas Anymore
Chapter XVII: To Serve Man
Chapter XVIII: Time for you to Shine like Gern


Appendix I: Talent Inventory
Appendix II: What’s your Life Metaphor anyways?
Appendix III: Your Attitude Assessment
Appendix IV: Steps and Questions to Shake things Up
Appendix V: Recipe for Success Template
References and Helpful Websites
Gallery of Gernisms

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