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Thanksgiving is a time for celebration and giving thanks for all the positive things that you have been blessed with in your life. Of course, I’m talking about the three F’s: family, food and football on a Thursday afternoon!

Now everything doesn’t always go your way, but don’t tell me you are one of those folks that grumbles “there’s nothing to be grateful for, my life stinks!” If that’s the case, then I think its time to put things in the proper perspective.

What are you crying about?

Remember the story of the first Thanksgiving that you learned about in school? You know, with the Pilgrims and the Indians celebrating togetherness with a magnificent feast and games and fun?

Such a cute and wonderful story

Well, that’s not really how it happened. Back in the 1600’s in Plymouth and Jamestown, there was tremendous sickness and droughts and lack of food and if that wasn’t enough, the Indians who were all here first, decided enough was enough and attacked and laid siege to the new settlers who were encroaching on their land.

Can’t we just all get along?

Fighting the plagues, starvation and the Indians, most every Colonist perished and the ones who survived resorted to Cannibalism just to stay alive. Still, they were incredibly grateful to have taken on this adventure into the unknown new world. However, eventually everyone died, and the Colonies were wiped out.

You see, it’s not easy starting a New World. The English, if nothing else, were persistent and kept sending more and more Colonists until finally some of them learned how to farm and get along with their neighbors while most others died a gruesome death before turning 30. For those that survived, thanks to their positive, grateful for the opportunity attitude, these settlements grew into to the greatest country in the world: The United States of America!

It’s not so bad after all

So, the bottom line is, this Thanksgiving when you are sitting around feeling sorry for yourself while wallowing in self pity, think of the Pilgrims as you try to come up with something to be grateful for and be glad you don’t have to move to a new world after contracting the plague and have to resort to Cannibalism just to eat. Be thankful that you have food on the table, a roof over your head and put a big smile on your face to share with others.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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