The Flopkins Creed


Promise Yourself–

*That you’ll do something with your life and talents you love so much you lose track of time. Just remember to hose off regularly!

*To Never give up, success is just around the corner.

*To Act cool and confident like you’ve been there before, but not too proud to ask for directions when you inevitably get lost.

*That Failure is a sure sign you are stretching yourself, just try not to pull a hammy.

* To Be courteous.  Smile and nod even if you have no clue or haven’t been paying attention.

*If things go wrong, immediately find out who’s to blame.  Have a mirror handy.

*That you’ll Lern to laugh at yourself and others and as a result will be less likely to pop a vein in your head.

*That Dwelling on what might have been keeps you from creating what will be.

*That Too much like work means too much like zero.

*That You’re not necessarily stupid, just different.  Don’t let them convince you otherwise.



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