Sales Superstar!


Do you stare out the window for hours with your mouth agape?

Does it feel like life is passing you by?

Are you sick and tired of other folks being more successful than you?

Despite the fact that they are all complete morons?

Do you always feel like the underdog?

Do you think your talents are all going to waste?

When you look in the mirror, do you see a nincompoop staring back at you?

Yes? No? Maybe?

How would you like to turn all that upside down?

Whether you’re new to Sales or a Seasoned pro

 A Doctor, a Dentist, a Parent or a professional Armpigernlogochknt Smeller

It doesn’t really matter who you are

Wouldn’t you like to finally

Figure out this Game called Life?

Make more money? 

Be more successful?

Have more free time to do whatever you want?

Wouldn’t everybody?

Or have you given up on your dreams?

Let Gern show you the way!!

Put the fun back into your life and career!

Laugh, Lern and Earn with Gern!

With the absurdly ingenious new ground breaking book

Gern Flopkins Sales Superstar!


Gern will show you how to take back control of your miserable life and begin climbing that ladder of success one rung at a time.

With Gern Flopkins by your side and his Dynamic

“Synergism of Successicism System”,

In part I, you’ll Lern how to:

Prepare your garden for a lifetime of success and riches beyond your wildest dreams

Create a road map that infuses your life with enthusiasm and direction

Clear away all those obstacles and excuses that are keeping you from going for it!

Open your mind to the opportunities all around you

Design your life the way you want to live it!

Get in the Game and play to win!

It’s time to put on your apron and get cookin’!

After all, there’s a recipe for everything

Take advantage of the “Ultimate short cut to Riches”.

Do you know it?

gernlogochknGern will cover that too!

In part II of

 Gern Flopkins Sales Superstar

Gern will
Help you sharpen some of your most important sales and business skills.

Commuication skills!

Prospecting skills!

Presentation skills!

How would you like to get a list of qualified referrals even after they tell you

“I can’t think of anybody right now.”?

Gern shows you how.

Lern Gern’s greatest presentation ideas along with a bevy of

Bonus presentations for sticky situations.

Lern how to handle the toughest objections with ease!

Use the

Powerful Procrastination Buster

to handle the “Mother of all objections”

“I want to think about it.”

When all else fails (and it usually does), take advantage of Gern’s

Ultimate question formula

Lern what great customer service is all about and how to develop and keep loyal clients for life!

Take advantage of the gernlogochkn

Talent inventory

Attitude assessment

Recipe for success template

Figure out who you really are and what you should be doing to put your life and career into overdrive!

Tap into the Invaluable Bonus

Gallery of Gernisms

A Treasure Chest of Gern’s Golden ideas and quotes assembled from over 25 years of experience working in the trenches of sales mediocrity and despair

Organized by topic for a quick pick me up when you need it during a tough day in the field.

The list goes on and on….

Here is a quick peek at Gern Flopkins Sales Superstar’s

Table of Contents

Go for it!

For less than the cost of a beer at a Baseball game,

don’t you think it’s time to change your life and career for the better?

You deserve it!!

Are you ready to begin your journey up the ladder of success?

Come along with Gern!

Pick up your copy of

Gern Flopkins Sales Superstar Today!

Click to Buy Now !!

Money back guarantee:

If you don’t lern one new idea or laugh, moan or grunt out loud at least once, then simply ask for your money back!      

(I personally guarantee you won’t get it, but since you already paid for the book, give it to someone else and they won’t be able to thank you enough!  It’s a win-win!)

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