Sales Success-The Million Dollar Bill

I'd never seen a million dollar bill and here he had two of them waiting in his desk drawer for me. You just never know!

I’d never seen a million dollar bill and here my client had two of them waiting in his desk drawer for me. You just never know!


(excerpt from Gern Flopkins Sales Superstar)


If folks like you, they will more likely do business with you. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Hopefully lots of people already like you, but if you’re in a position where not many people do right now, we’ve got to take steps to solve this particular problem as early in your career as possible.

As you can imagine, if nobody likes you, you won’t do much business aside from your parents account and this handicap may cripple any realistic chance you have at sales super stardom

Relationships 101

I’ve heard about many different ways to make friends over the years, but one of the most powerful methods I have ever found to accomplish this essential aspect of selling is to completely metamorphasize into to your new prospects’ way of thinking, acting and living from the very first moment of contact.

In some circles, it’s been called mirror and matching. This “becoming who you’re not” tactic sounds counter intuitive at first blush, but if you are having trouble making friends easily, you just gotta:

Be them until you can be you.*G

By talking and acting like them, you will relate much better with your clients and prospects. Presto! You’ll have an easier time communicating your ideas to them in a way they will understand.

In addition, by speaking their language, they will be so much more open minded and receptive to you and your ideas. Almost like magical kindred spirits, it will seem like you’ve known each other for years and miraculously they’ll find themselves doing business with you without even knowing the reason why.

Is that Swahili?

So pay close attention to the clues all around you. How they talk, dress and act. What’s important or not important. Pick up on their hopes, fears, interests and hobbies and all the rest. Maybe even take some notes on this information so you don’t have to remember it all. When you’re on the phone, meeting them in person or just observing the surroundings, take a moment to look, listen and lern. Then, like a chameleon, mutate into them!

Look, Listen and Lern

For example, if you’re sitting down in a meeting and your client/prospect goes on and on about their incredible bird watching extravaganza in the local park last week, then maybe that’s a clue chirping in your ear they have an interest in birds.

If they like birds, you like birds!*G

Go ahead and take a quick look out the window and remark about the Bob White that just flew by. Then start saying “Bob White, Bob White!” and have a good laugh about how their call actually sounds like Bob White.

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