Stop Caring and Start Selling!


rejection1So much is written about the notion that your prospect doesn’t care what you know unless they know that you care. And that you can be the smartest, best dressed representative; you can have the most product knowledge, best presentations and be able to sell ice cubes to Polar Bears, but if you don’t genuinely care about your prospects as real people, then they could care less about you and your product.

Well, I’ve got news for you!

Although all that hocus pocus is without a doubt very true, it has nothing whatsoever to do with this article. What I’m talking about here is what’s in your head not theirs. And what’s in your head can lead to incredible success and riches beyond your wildest dreams or lead to paralyzing fear and a career full of ultimate failure.

“You miss 100% of the shots you never take.”

               –Wayne Gretzky – some retired Hockey Player

Sales is a game of interaction. You, my friend, must be the one to initiate the conversation otherwise it will most likely not occur.  Regardless of what you are selling; natural fertilizer, pots and pans, real estate or make up, you have got to make the approach. Engage the other person.

What are you doing under there? Under wear?

Hiding under your desk in hopes that someone will find you there and ask “Hey, you there in the fetal position, do you have any mutual funds for sale?” is a fools game. Take the initiative to get in the “real” game and spin the spinner, ask for the appointment, the order, the check, the referral or whatever else you are looking for. If you don’t get past this crucial step, I promise you, you’re career is dead!

But what if they slam the door in my face?

You’ve just gotta quit caring! Quit worrying about whether they are going to answer the phone and immediately hang up on you or open the door only to slam it on your toes or be crotchety or nice that day or say “hey, quit being so pushy I’m gonna put you on the “do not call” list.”  What if, God forbid, they actually say YES? You just never know what they are going to do and you certainly can’t control it. So make the call, stop into the office, ask for the referral, the introduction or the appointment and you’ll be amazed at the results.

What are you afraid of?

When in doubt, consider this tidbit of info.  A long time ago, some experts who had nothing better to do over a three decade period, conducted a study and discovered, with near 100% accuracy, that almost all the folks who never began anything, nothing much positive ever happened. Conversely, the folks that did begin, did much better. With results like that, who can argue?

Gust Jo for it. –Pig Latin proverb

So many opportunities are lost simply because you talk yourself out of it before you begin. Caring more about being embarrassed or rejected, you sit there staring at your checklist for hours. Next thing you know, it’s time for lunch. Whew! You’re completely exhausted! For God sakes, just get out there and do something! You never know.

Give yourself the go ahead to: “Stop Caring and Start Selling!”

–Gern Flopkins

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