Send in the Clowns


If you have ever invested in or watched the stock market, you’ve no doubt experienced some wild swings that will literally make you jump for joy, then scream and yell and finally cry your eyes out all in the same day. It’s a roller coaster to say the least much like your life; chock full of ups and downs and sometimes going sideways for months at a time. So many things happen in your life over the years both good and bad.

On top of the world one day and laying naked in a ditch the next.

Winning that big sale, losing the contract, being #1, coming in last. Depressions, recessions, booms, busts and everything in between. One of the keys to happiness and success is Lerning to keep all these things in proper perspective. It’s never as good or bad as it seems.

So how do you do that you ask?

You remember being that young, smarty pants whipper snapper struggling your way up the ranks from ignoramus to owner of the company don’t you? Oh, you’re still an ignoramus? Well, that’s great news!   You have so many crazy ups and downs to look forward to that will make your head spin and inevitably turn you into the person you’ll be some day.

How exciting!

Just be patient and before you know it maybe you could be the one standing on the floor of the New York stock exchange inhaling the sweet smell of Euphoria as your company goes public.  Only to crinkle your nose at the rank smell of manure, when they take you away a few days later for insider trading.

What a wild ride! 

You just never know what’s going to happen. One thing is for certain, however, all these triumphs, lessons and struggles, although not always pleasant, are quite necessary. To keep things in perspective, you simply must not lose sight of where you came from along the way.  Look how far you’ve come!

Ignoramus to owner!

Why I remember the good ole days working as a birthday clown to support my young family; those grueling hours on the road for months at a time, the balloon animals, the laughter, the crying and whining kids, but it was a living and I loved it. And if I could go back in time and do things differently, I certainly would. It was a silly endeavor to say the least, but it helped me pay the bills and grow as a person.  And now look at me!

I could be a sad clown and cry about it, but what good would that do?

So when you wake up tomorrow morning with a big stretch and a yawn, as you look around the room simply shaking your head in wonder; “How in the world, after all these years, am I still living in my parents’ basement with only a couple quarters jingling in my pocket?” Remember, you used to just sit there and poop in your diaper.

You’ve come a long way baby!

So Smile, keep it all in perspective and send in the happy clowns. Now get out there and be somebody!

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