Have you contacted anyone today?


What to do, what to dooo?

Well, I’m not really sure who to get  a hold of so what I thought I’d try was get on linkedin and do a search for folks that would want to buy what I’m selling.  After that, I figured I’d go get a bite for lunch.  Oh, that sounds real good.  I’ll see you when you get back from lunch for your exit interview!

What the…?

You see kids, passive prospecting activities like this can make it seem like you are really, really busy.  Unfortunately, this kind of nonsense is no replacement for actually talking to folks on the phone or in person. 

But what if they say no?

Don’t fall into the “I’m so busy I forgot to talk to anybody today” trap.  You’ll find after 6 or 7 months of this “non-activity” activity that you have no money left in your checking account.  Your manager will try to get you to quit, but you’ll assure them that you are just starting to get the hang of it.  Woops!gernlogobanner

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