For a new Beginning…

One simple question for a new beginning


Beep, beep, beep….Time to wake up! Grab your coffee, breakfast bar and fly out the door to sit in traffic for a while. Hope you make it to work on time! You get to do the same thing again today!


Didn’t think so. Are you simply going through the motions just to get through the day? Oh, you get things done and you do a good job and you make some money to pay your bills, but what happened to that spark you used to have? That big smile? That enthusiasm? Hmmmm?

Have you slipped into a rut?

Are you even aware? It’s called familiarity. It’s doing the same things with the same people for so long that you have fallen into a set of mundane zombielike habits.

Did Rod Serling just appear out of nowhere?

Familiarity isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It gives us confidence, comfort and control in our lives. And that’s good!

“I like driving on the sidewalk to get around traffic. It’s what I’ve always done!”

However, especially in our work and relationships, familiarity can go too far. (Cue the eerie music!)  Cut to the traveler nodding off while driving down the road.  Have we fallen asleep at the wheel on a long, boring trip down the highway of life? 

“There’s a sign post up ahead..”

Unfortunately, we no longer can see it. Got the blinders on.  As if we have it all under control and are comfortable keeping everything just the way it is. Mistakenly thinking it will always be this way. Could it be we’re taking things for granted?

In nature, everything is either growing or dying.

Challenge yourself to keep your work and relationships fresh, exciting and growing by asking one simple question. How can I make_______ better, faster, stronger, more effective, more fun, (insert adjectives) today?

Do this every day!  Never take things for granted again! Watch how your smile brightens and you wake up before your alarm goes off full of renewed energy. Giddy at the thought of the new day ahead of you.

Hey, where am I? Do I know you?

For additional insights on new beginnings, pick up a copy of Gern Flopkins Sales Superstar and pay close attention to the chapter titled “Acres of Garbage”


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