Failure tries to leave clues. 

Awareness of what doesn’t work is as important as recognizing what works.  Lern from both and you will climb up the ladder much quicker.   Continuing to ignore what doesn’t work over and over and over again will leave you frustrated and destitute. 

But I’ve tried EVERYTHING!

Wallowing in self pity and nestled firmly in your rut, you wonder what in the world you are doing wrong.  When, in fact, all the information is right in front of your face if only you had your eyes open.  See the clues, make the adjustments and change your direction.  Rinse and repeat.

“See the ball, hit the ball!”

–Tony Perez

After all, just because you miss the nail and hit your thumb doesn’t mean  you start crying and kicking your feet or quit working on your project. Maybe you scream and yell a bit, but then resolve to move your fingers out of the way being much smarter and more careful with your tools as you build your ladder one rung at a time


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