Dog Days

josie dog days


Stay hydrated Folks!

The summer  heat is ending and unfortunately your sales may have also cooled considerably due to the fact that many folks take their summer vacations in the summer time. 

Amazingly, People have somehow forgotten how to answer their phones, return calls or even remember the appointment you set with them when they got back from Mexico.  Most likely, the intense sunshine has melted their brains turning them into mush.

No Mas!

The best approach I’ve found for combating these “dog days of summer” is after you get back from your own two or three month vacation,  carve out some quality time to jot down a well thought out and complete list of your best clients and prospects in your pipeline at the moment. 

Once you have this vitally  important list, along with all the good reasons to call, wait about another month or so to let these folks settle in and get organized from their time off.

Casual is Key

If you call right off the bat when they are frazzled and overwhelmed from being away, you will get the ol’ brush off anyways, so why call in the first place?  Make sense? Of course it does!  

Let them lay waste to all those other oblivious, discourteous sales reps first and then when you come waltzing in a month later, at the right time with the right product and solution, they will undoubtedly welcome you with big smiles, open arms and open pocketbooks!

Good Girlll, here’s your treat!

So never let those “dog days” thwart your momentum and hinder your sales efforts.  Be prepared, be courteous and above all, wait for the right time to make your compelling Sales Superstar presentation.  And as we say in Flopkinsville: “The sale is just around the corner!”gernlogobanner




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