Can’t see the Trees for the Nuts



…Johnny was found half naked lying in the park completely exhausted. Acorns scattered everywhere while skeptical squirrels milled about on full alert. Everyday Johnny would travel from park to park feeding these cute little rodents and playing with their nuts. His friends all told him he was crazy wasting all that time and 8 years of college education, but he had a dream!

You gotta have a Dream!

Sure enough, years later, you could still find Johnny driving around the state in his rusted out Pinto trying to plant Oak trees. Hardly recognizable, unshaven and penniless.

As it turned out, his friends were right. You see, sometimes following your vision and doing what you think is your destiny and a whole lotta fun, is actually utter stupidity and will lead to a life of despair and failure.

That’s just Nuts!

So the idea, my friends, is to think a little before embarking on your lifelong journey. Once you do that, you may have a snow balls chance. After all, The sky is the limit!

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