Calling all clients!

Have a Nice Day!


I wonder what they’re up to ?

Hi, Gern Flopkins here, how are you Mr. Johnson?  Good, good!  Say, you wouldn’t be interested in buying any mutual funds today would you?

Didn’t think so.  Have a nice day!  Oh, and sorry you lost your job.  That’s awful.  I hope you find another one soon. Hey, maybe you can get on the Price is Right and win lots of money or something!  Anyways, Bye, bye for now!

Always add value!

Come up with good reasons like this to keep in touch with your clients on a regular basis.  A new idea, a hearty congratulations or some words of encouragement if things aren’t going so well.  Remember, if you aren’t calling them, I’ll guarantee the competition is.  Since you already have the inside track with your clients, you need to keep it that way. 

Sharing new products and helpful ideas with your existing clients is so much easier than trying to generate a new client out of the blue.  The best part is they are much more likely to answer the phone.

“Say, have you heard about the new Thighmaster…?” 

I’d suggest getting as many existing clients as you possibly can so you don’t have to keep looking for new ones. Keep them on the front burner by contacting them often, dropping off some donuts from time to time or maybe buying their kid a new bike for their birthday and you better believe it, the next time they are looking for what you have to sell, they may just call you instead of their nephew that just got into the business.

Never under estimate how powerful good client relations can be! 


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