Anchors Away!


But what if I get lost?

Just a fun little afternoon boat ride they thought, but it only took them 3 hours to get lost on a deserted island for the rest of their lives. 

Let me guess, you’re afraid what happened to Gilligan and the rest of the crew of the Minnow is going to happen to you?  You’re nervous, scared and paralyzed with fear aren’t you? 

After years of bobbing up and down in the sea of mediocrity doing nothing exciting whatsoever, you finally decide you’ve had enough.  Time to muster up the courage to try your hand at something new and adventurous.  Time to sail out into the ocean of opportunity, but for some reason you can’t seem to leave the dock.

What in the world is holding you back?

Ahhhh, you forgot to pull up the anchor. The anchor of excuses, excuses!

Why are you so hesitant to leave the comfort of your own home port?  What are you afraid of? Sea Monsters? Looking stupid?  Succeeding?   Did you purposely build in the reasons to fail just so you could say “Hey, at least I tried”? See I told you:  I’m too stupid, too smart, too broke, hate people, don’t have the right connections, wish someone would just give me lots of money because I’m tired. 

Why can’t I just win the lottery?

 You’ve simply got  to let go of all that nonsense, pull up the anchor and start sailing.  Who knows what treasures and adventures await?  Be Bold!  Be courageous!  Begin your voyage.  You’ll probably get lost for most of your journey, capsized and smashed up against the shore a few times by the rough seas of life and eventually eaten by cannibals, but what else is going on?  Nothing that’s what.  You’re bored to tears, going broke and wondering “Is this all there is?”. 

Woops! Do over!

What do you have to lose?  Your job?  Your daytime soaps?  Your dignity?  And if you do happen to get shipwrecked and stranded on a desert Island, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to stumble upon those crazy castaways and you can pal around with them for a few years.  At least until those wacky head hunters find you.  It’s a win-win!

Besides, you may even get where you want to go if you really work at it and want it. So quit worrying about all the silly Sea Monsters and pull up the anchor of excuses that have been keeping you from discovering your true life’s adventures. 

Push away from the dock and go for the Gumbo! 


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